ALA CARNI s.r.l.
via Cere' 15 - Ala (TN) Italy
Phone. 0464 670603 / Fax: 0464 670605

Ala Carni pays special attention to customer satisfaction and it is always available in order to expand its network of clients and offer its services to a wider range of customers.

For transportation, we rely on Sogema (AIA), and we guarantee fast delivery times.

The company loads products three times a week: on Tuesday (starting at 6.00AM),on Thursday (starting at 6.00AM) and Friday (starting at 12.00).
Do not hesitate to contact us stating your requirements or requesting further information through the form you find here, an employee is always there to provide an adequate response or make contact with your company.

You can also call us directly at the numbers listed below.